There is an unseen line between our physical bodies and what many refer to as “spirit” or “soul”.  Each day we are presented with experiences that challenge the balance between these two.  Through these challenges we learn about what choices we are making, yet they also make it difficult for us to honor the balance between physical needs and spiritual needs without awareness. To rely on only just  one  aspect of our selves leaves us not only feeling imbalanced mentally and emotionally, but this imbalance also breeds dis-ease.  Walking this line between “spirit” (heaven) and “physical” (earth) is believed to be our most significant task while living these lives, and it is an idea brought forth in the *Tao.  Life is the balance of expressing heaven and earth by walking the line between. At Walking the Tao Body Work our goal is to encourage a balance between mind, spirit and body through invitation to awareness.  How we treat our bodies and our Self is a large key to maintaining a good balance within these.  And without a balanced self, all relationships will be out of balance.  Through techniques that are both physically based and energetically based we strive to provide a continual invitation for relaxation, release and a safe space to become aware your being. All it takes is YOU to get started! *Tao – [prounounced dao] means way or path. Considered to be the “true nature of the world” by Taoists. Symbol is referred to as the Yin-Yang by many but is actually the symbolic whole of the Tao.